Perhaps that title is a little misleading and it is highly suggested that you do NOT try any of these examples of ladder uses.

This is what is commonly called a ladder extension. Not be confused with a forklift which you should definitely not be using for a ladder base.
Here is another great example of a ladder extension. Tables and cinder blocks are always a great choice.
Who needs scaffolding when you can just use multiple ladders?
When you don’t have a ladder, make one out of people! That’s a lot of pressure on the bottom guy.
Another great example of how to make it work without a ladder. However, not so recommended for lower back pain.
Ladders make great floors when you want to use a rocking horse for a step-ladder.
I’m not sure this guy has really thought things out here. Either that or he is just trolling us.
This looks like some kind of wicked bowling game.
Perhaps they should check the weight limit on that ladder.
Once again, some creative scaffolding made from ladders. How many are there??
This guy looks like he is pondering his decision on this precarious position.
When all else fails, turn the ladder upside down. Why, we are not sure.

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