Today we take a look at kids being kids. Wrecking havoc, making messes, being silly and throwing fits. There isn’t much better!

Do you know what a frickin’ elephant is? Learn your phonics and you will!
Bug eyes and pinched lips…Mom just yelled my full name!
Help me Daddy!!!
And the winner of the 2021 toddler hide-and-go-seek championship is…
Maybe I should have gone to the bathroom before getting on the roller coaster; I need to pee!
What is baby oil made from?
That’s a lot of quarantine snacks! I present the baby Michelin man.
It’s nice when pooping your pants isn’t your problem.
Potty training sounds like a lot of work for this kid!
The fate of this poor smurf was epic. Get him another smurf!
There is always that one kid that has to be different. I’m just not sure that putting a full fish your mouth is the best way to do that.
There are two kinds of kids in this world; those that love to go to school and those that think it is the end of the world as we know it.

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