Signs are an everyday part of our lives. Sometimes people love to be funny; sometimes mistakes are made. Whatever the case, it’s a lot of fun to check out these signs!

Beware of the do….err…log!
Just do nothing…It is impossible! Such an inspirational thought.
This is something I am always concerned about when driving near cliffs.
God bless the USA…but only Tuesday through Sunday.
Everybody considers an inferno as having a nice day.
Y don’t you know Y?
When the blizzard is on and I get ready to hop in the car, the first thing I do is grab some cake.
If you can (or can’t) read this you may (or may not) be driving safely.
Someone needs to go back and learn their colors better.
Good citizens always fallow the rules of the road signs.
This sign seems very pertinent in this location. When it says “low flying aircraft” it means business!
So…you can get tacos, and more! How much more?
Does that mean Beyonce is by the side of the road ahead??

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